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How did we get here...the journey, real brief...and in my own words.
From my early experience with drafting, pen and pencil, then came computer-aided drafting or CAD and now the culmination of engineered robotics and control systems we get 3D printing!
What is 3D printing aka Additive Manufacturing...
Additive manufacturing in ABS plastic is similar to desktop printing of ink on paper, the ink is ABS plastic extruded through a heated nozzle, no paper required; I like to use an analogy of an extremely precise glue gun...creating the same outline several thousand times and filling in where needed.
Quote Considerations:

Materials available: ABS PLASTIC

Colors: Clear (near Transparent), Black, White, Red, Natural, Blue, Green, Orange others can be ordered

Will an NDA be required prior to viewing an STL file of the part?

Please provide a description for the use of the design, this will help understand any design or printing concerns.

Number of shells desired:

Shells: The outer layers (shells) of the printed object.  The more shells on the print, the higher the strength of the printed piece.

Percent Fill needed:

Fill: Each print may have a fill honeycomb printed in the inner cavities of the design.  This is typical with FDM printed designs. The higher the percentage of the fill the denser the printed object will be.


Ultimately preferred3dprinting and the customer will make a decision that will result in the best printed piece.



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